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Resilience - Elizabeth Stanley | Intangibles 043

By Steve Berg October 16, 2019

On This Episode:

Elizabeth Stanley is an associate professor of security studies with joint appointments in the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service and the Department of Government at Georgetown University. Earlier in her career, she served as a U.S. Army intelligence officer as a captain. She is the creator of Mindfulness-based Mind Fitness Training (MMFT)®, which has been tested through four neuroscience research studies with the U.S. military. She has a B.A. in Russian & East European Studies from Yale University, an MBA from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a Ph.D. in Political Science from Harvard University. She and I discuss her career-long work on resilience.



Elizabeth's book, Widen the Window: Training your brain and body to thrive during stress and recover from trauma

Visit Elizabeth Stanley's website to find out more:

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