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Mindset - Subir Chowdhury | Intangibles 016

By Steve Berg December 10, 2017

On This Episode:

Today we speak with Subir Chowdhury. Subir Chowdhury is one of the “50 Most Influential Management Thinkers in the World” by Thinkers 50 of London, UK. Subir is the author of fifteen books, including several international bestsellers, The Ice Cream Maker (2005), The Power of Six Sigma (2001), and Management 21C (1999). His latest book The Difference (2017) made to the USA Today National Bestseller. Subir is chairman and CEO of ASI Consulting Group, LLC, a global leader on strategic initiatives, quality consulting, and training. Subir is an honorary member of the World Innovation Foundation (WIF) and has been inducted into the Engineering, Science and Technology Hall of Fame and honored by the Automotive Hall of Fame. He also has the Subir & Malini Chowdhury Foundation focuses on the education of those less fortunate in the world.