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Diversity - Andrea Hoffman | Intangibles 005

By Steve Berg July 16, 2017

On This Episode:

Today we speak with Andrea Hoffman (Twitter) an advisor, dealmaker, strategist, speaker, author and the founder and CEO of Culture Shift Labs - a management-consulting firm that advises companies, cities and philanthropists on growth and innovation through diversity and inclusion. Andrea consults with C-suite executives across a wide range of industries on finding new growth opportunities. By helping clients see past long-held perceptions regarding the intersection of innovation, inclusion, and diversity, she guides them to insights that unlock new business opportunities. 

Show Notes:

●    What diversity really means (specifically, listening, valuing and respecting), as well as the economic and cultural value of engaging in this behavior


●    Andrea’s background, her experiences, and how she developed into a target-marketing expert and authority on diversity


●    How Andrea’s relies on hard data to drive her work, and what kind of picture this data has painted in terms of diversity in the US


●    How companies can be more inclusive and build a more diverse community without sacrificing revenue and profitability


●    Why diversity and inclusion - across race, gender, and generation - can help an organization breed success, recruit more effectively, and create value in a market that’s increasingly aware of these things


●    How diversity can positively affect an organization’s ability to make more targeted decisions surrounding a broader range of topics which will resonate with a greater audience


●    How do founders and VC’s incorporate inclusion, diversity, and empathy into their mindsets and company cultures, and how they can measure their progress to ensure that they’re doing the right things


●    Some of the VC’s and organizations who are working hard to drive diversity and inclusion outcomes, and why these VC’s and organizations should be more vocal about their work


●    Commonalities among the types of leaders that embrace diversity and inclusion




Intangibles: A podcast about traits, behaviors, and qualities that entrepreneurs can cultivate to be successful. Find us on the web at


Antecedent Ventures: An enterprise-focused, seed-stage venture firm in NYC. You can find us at


Dentons Venture Technology Group: Operating as a boutique within the world’s largest law firm, the venture technology group runs with hard-charging tech entrepreneurs to drive growth through strategic business, finance, and legal advice from Silicon Valley to New York, to London, Berlin, Hong Kong, and beyond. Learn more at


Culture Shift Labs: Culture Shift Labs advises Tech & Fortune 500 companies, large non-profits, leaders, cities, and philanthropists on creating and activating growth and innovation through diversity and inclusion.


Black is the New Green: Andrea’s book which provides commentary on the idea that within the new economic reality of the early 21st Century - not to mention the all-important new demographics of the new century - it’s bad business to continue to rely on luxury’s traditional customer base to support sales, or on tired marketing strategies and tactics.


50 Billion Dollar Boss: Hoffman’s book which looks at several successful African American women and chronicles their success, obstacles, challenges, and lessons learned. Andrea and her co-authors' authors have first-person access to each of these women and break down their stories to help other aspiring entrepreneurs achieve their dreams of starting or owning their own business. 

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