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Curiosity - Ian Leslie | Intangibles 004

By Steve Berg July 10, 2017

On This Episode:

Today we speak with Ian Leslie, (Twitter , Personal Website) an author and speaker fascinated with the idea and practice of curiosity. He’s written a number of books about ideas, culture, and politics, and by day is a paid consultant. He’s also previously worked in advertising and marketing. 

Show Notes:

●    How curiosity is correlated with intelligence, creativity, and innovation - and why it can be a highly useful trait for founders and entrepreneurs to develop and refine


●    Ian’s understanding of the working definition of curiosity, and his idea of what curiosity actually means


●    How companies can themselves, curious - and what benefits this can lead to


●    The three types of curiosity: Diversive Curiosity (the desire to learn new information), Epistemic Curiosity (the accumulation of knowledge about new information), Empathic Curiosity (the desire to learn about other people)


●    The idea of “need for cognition” (nfc), and how/why some people are far more curious than others


●    How the perception of curiosity has shifted over centuries, and what innovations these shifts have led to


●    How we can learn to be more curious in our daily lives


●    What breeds curiosity, and how you can create an environment as a leader in a workplace which allows for curiosity to thrive


●    The things that starve and discourage curiosity - such as fear, habit, and complacency - and why these things can kill successful companies


●    How technology and our fast-paced culture is contributing to a decline in curiosity


●    How do you spot the most curious people in an interview / hiring situation




Intangibles: A podcast about traits, behaviors, and qualities that entrepreneurs can cultivate to be successful. Find us on the web at


Antecedent Ventures: An enterprise-focused, seed-stage venture firm in NYC. You can find us at


Dentons Venture Technology Group: Operating as a boutique within the world’s largest law firm, the venture technology group runs with hard-charging tech entrepreneurs to drive growth through strategic business, finance, and legal advice from Silicon Valley to New York, to London, Berlin, Hong Kong, and beyond. Learn more at


Curious - The Desire to Know and Why Your Future Depends On It: Ian’s book in which he makes a passionate case for the cultivation of our desire to know, drawing on fascinating research from psychology, sociology and business.

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