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Creativity - Laura Linney | Intangibles 006

By Steve Berg July 23, 2017

On This Episode:

Today we speak with Laura Linney (Twitter , IMDB), a 3-time academy award nominated actor and 4-time Tony award-winning actor, appearing in films such as Primal Fear, Love Actually, and The Squid and the Whale.

Show Notes:

●    Why creativity is essential to building unique and valuable companies, and how we can develop it and use it to build extensions that connect us to others


●    Creativity and the creative process, inherent creative genius versus iterative creativity, and the impact of practice on creativity


●    Where creativity comes from, how it’s developed over time based on one’s environment, and whether it requires intelligence


●    Whether a key component of creativity is a high EQ - and whether you need a high emotional intelligence to be very creative


●    Laura’s background, her process, and why she knew early on that she wanted to be an actress


●    Why creativity shouldn’t ever be result oriented, and why building a product or company shouldn’t be either


●    The idea of freedom within the form and how knowing your subject matter incredibly well can catalyze the creative process


●    The idea of creative genius and how perceived genius is really a product of extensive experience


●    The concepts of experimental and iterative creativity, how the creative process manifests itself in these forms, and how these things relate to lean startup methodology (ie. the 7 whys)


●    Why sleep and time-off is important for enhancing creativity


●    How mistakes, risks, and failures contribute to creativity


●    How you find the people in business, arts, and life who are inherently or naturally creative, and who can effortlessly tap into that within their work



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