Episode 11 - Agility - Kaihan Krippendorf

Who’s On The Show Today:

Today we speak with Dr. Kaihan Krippendorf (Twitter, Business Website , Personal Website) - an author, speaker, and business strategy consultant. Kaihan has written many books including his most recent one, OutThink The Competition. He’s also consulted for some of the most forward-thinking companies of today and has worked within investment banking. Dr. Kaihan holds an MBA from Columbia, and has founded his own firm called OutThinker which helps companies to scale faster and “step into the future.”  


What’s Discussed on Today’s Show:

●    What mental agility is, why is it an important trait for founders to have, and how it manifests itself in individuals and organizations


●    What the OODA Loop is: Observe, Orient, make a Decision and Act on that decision


●    Whether it is possible to measure mental agility or recognize it in a person or company


●    Is there a way for someone to increase their own mental agility - and if so, how?


●    Why you need to be thoughtful about where and when you apply mental agility and why you need to have it throughout an organization - not just at the top level


●    How broad, impactful change on the organizational level requires more than just mental agility ●    What you need to do as an organization to promote widespread change and innovation in your people, your culture, and your teams


●    The five things you can do in order to improve your mental agility:

1) Work backward from the future

2) Discovering under-expected causes/connections

3) Shifting your frame

4) Choose among ideas and consider the impossible

5) Mental buy-in


●    Outcomes that mentally agile organizations can expect to see - explained through various real-world case studies


What Was Mentioned on Today’s Show:


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OutThink the Competition: Dr. Krippendorf’s book about how business competition is undergoing a fundamental paradigm shift and how this has shown that certain people - known as “Outthinkers” - thrive during these revolutions and beat the traditionalists