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Candor - Kim Scott | Intangibles 003

By Steve Berg June 28, 2017

On This Episode:

Today we speak with Kim Scott (TwitterPersonal Website) the co-founder and CEO of Candor, Inc., which builds tools to make it easier to follow the advice she offers in her book, Radical Candor. Prior to founding Candor, Inc., Kim was ‘CEO coach’ at Dropbox, Qualtrics, Twitter, and several other companies in Silicon Valley. She has her own podcast called Radical Candor, and is a sought-after speaker.

Show Notes:

●    How insincerity from business leaders and politicians have become the norm - and how entrepreneurs and founders who provide their employees with open, honest, and transparent feedback on their role within a team can be a tremendously beneficial service


●    How Kim began her career in Russia, where she learned how to manage her team on a personal level, as opposed to just viewing them as her employees


●    The idea behind radical candor - something Kim feels is a rare occurrence in the workplace - which is not just sheer honesty, but an ability to tell others exactly what you think, to challenge them with your opinions, but to also continue to maintain your humanity and emotion in your interactions with coworkers.


●    How and why we learn not to practice radical candor as we’re growing up, and how we can start getting in the habit of using it again in the workplace


●    The four steps of radical candor - come up with a question, embrace discomfort, listen with the intent to understand, not respond, and reward the candor


●    Why it’s important to use radical candor as a leader to honestly, emotionally communicate and give feedback regardless of the potential for disagreement, and how to use it to allow the people under you to flourish


●    Why genuine relationships should be at the core of everything you do as a manager


●    How self-awareness, confidence, and humbleness is important to radical candor - and how you need to learn to be radically candid with yourself


●    What happens to a startup or organization when it fails to practice radical candor, and what happens when they do practice it


●    How to identify people in the hiring process who will be comfortable and adept at radical candor


●    How to improve your ability to give and take radical candor




Intangibles: A podcast about traits, behaviors, and qualities that entrepreneurs can cultivate to be successful. Find us on the web at


Antecedent Ventures: An enterprise-focused, seed-stage venture firm in NYC. You can find us at


Dentons Venture Technology Group: Operating as a boutique within the world’s largest law firm, the venture technology group runs with hard-charging tech entrepreneurs to drive growth through strategic business, finance, and legal advice from Silicon Valley to New York, to London, Berlin, Hong Kong, and beyond. Learn more at


Radical Candor: Kim Scott’s book on her idea of radical candor, and how we can learn to use it in our personal and professional lives to build better relationships, challenge people directly, and care about them on a deeper level.

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